<i>Noosfera</i> already in Antarctica, at Arctowski polish station

Noosfera already in Antarctica, at Arctowski polish station

The Ukrainian research vessel Noosfera, which set off for the second Antarctic season at the end of December 2022 with a joint Polish-Ukrainian expedition on board, has successfully reached the shores of the icy continent. On the 3,759-mile (more than 6,000 km) journey from Cape Town (South Africa), the ship got hit by storms and passed huge icebergs, but the team has successfully overcome the trials.

Arctowski Antarctic Station is a Polish research station located on King George Island, West Antarctica. There, the icebreaker will first land a team of Polish polar explorers and unload the equipment. And then the ship will go to Vernadsky to deliver Ukrainian technicians. They have to complete urgent work on the station modernization.

We are proud of our team and wish them a good continuation of the journey!

Thanks to Pavlo Panasyuk, Oleksandr Hryshko and Anatolii Andreiev for the photo.