European Polar Board (EPB) – is an independent non-governmental organization that focuses on key strategic priorities in the Arctic and Antarctic. EPB members are research institutes, logistics operators, financial agencies, scientific academies and ministries from all over Europe.

EPB’s main approach to polar research is the development of a common European research space, within which decisions on research or environmental initiatives in polar regions are made on the basis of independent, accurate and timely advice from leading European experts through the EPB mechanism.

Since 2015, the EPB is an independent structure with its Secretariat located in The Hague (Netherlands) at the National Organization for Scientific Research. Founded in 1995, the EPB was previously the Expert Board of the European Science Foundation and provided strategic advice on Arctic and Antarctic issues.

Today, the EPB facilitates multilateral cooperation between members and remains the single point of contact for the global polar community.

Membership of Ukraine in EPB

On April 8, 2022, the National Antarctic Science Center joined the European Polar Council. Membership opens up new opportunities for studying the Arctic and Antarctic. In addition, in this way, Ukrainian science is better and faster integrated into the European research space.

Thanks to the membership of the National Antarctic Science Center in EPB, Ukrainian scientists get access to joint European programs and can participate in them without lengthy bureaucratic procedures. They will also be able to use scientific polar infrastructures of Council members, which is especially important for Ukraine, because our country does not have its own stations in the Arctic, but has ambitions to expand research into this region.