Scientific research

Scientific Research

Scientific activities of the National Antarctic Scientific Center are focused on the fulfillment of tasks and measures of the State Special-Purpose Research Program in Antarctica for 2011-2020. The program provides for complex fundamental and applied research in Antarctica in main modern scientific directions covering Geosciences, Life Sciences, and Physical Sciences in accordance with recommendations of the Scientific Committee on Antarctic Research (SCAR).

An integrated and systematic approach to Antarctic research requires close cooperation of leading scientific institutions and organizations of Ukraine. The Center is entrusted with the function of organizing and coordinating these studies, conducting annual Antarctic expeditions, and maintaining the Antarctic Akademik Vernadsky station.

The Center provides:

  • Conducting continuous monitoring observations and original research directly at Akademik Vernadsky station and the fulfillment of international obligations on the transfer of data to international centers and organizations: geomagnetic data are transferred to INTERMAGNET; monthly samples of atmospheric precipitation for isotopic analysis – to IAEA; CLIMAT monthly records – to WMO; ozonometric data – to the British Antarctic Survey.
  • Conducting seasonal research in the area of Akademik Vernadsky station with the extension of work to the western part of the Antarctic Peninsula, as well as research during the Antarctic cruise of the research vessel. Every year 12 scientists take part in Ukrainian Antarctic Expeditions but first they undergo a competitive selection process. Moreover, 10 – 15 scientists of various specialties take part in seasonal expeditions every year. There are geologists, geophysicists, meteorologists, physicists, radio-physicists, biologists, ecologists and physicians among them.
  •  Conducting of scientific research in the leading laboratories of university and academic institutions of Ukraine in the framework of scientific and technical projects using primary data, samples and materials obtained during expeditionary research.

For the coordination of the work on the organization and conduct of Ukrainian Antarctic expeditions, providing vital activity of the station “Academician Vernadsky”, a permanent scientific and technical council of the National Antarctic Scientific Center was created.

To coordinate the organization and conduct of the Ukrainian Antarctic Expeditions, Akademik Vernadsky station life support a permanent Scientific and Technical Council of the National Antarctic Scientific Center was created.

Antarctic Scientific and Technical Council is responsible for the management of the Program, the coordination of interagency and international cooperation on Antarctic research. The management of the State Special-Purpose Research Program in Antarctica for 2011-2020, the coordination of inter-agency and international cooperation in Antarctic research is carried out by the Scientific and Technical Council “Antarctica”.

Realizing the main directions of scientific research, the Center cooperates with leading institutions of higher education and academic science of Ukraine, other institutions and organizations of various forms of ownership.