The Council of Managers of National Antarctic Programs (COMNAP) is an international organization that unites national Antarctic programs for the development and promotion of successful experience in the organization and management of scientific activities in the Antarctic. The association was created in 1988.


Ukraine became a member of COMNAP in 2004.


The main issues that COMNAP takes care of are the safety of navigation in Antarctic waters, planning of actions in emergency situations, international inspections of infrastructure objects of scientific stations and others.


COMNAP members have also developed recommendations on various issues related to scientific research in the Antarctic. These recommendations include air safety, waste management, oil pollution prevention and reducing the impact on the Antarctic environment. Working groups have also been established to deal with topics such as maritime and air operations, energy management, personnel training and environmental issues.


The COMNAP Annual General Meeting is a non-political event where delegates learn from experience, discuss plans for future Antarctic seasons, and receive information on current operations within the national Antarctic programs.


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