An installation presented in Antarctic for the 160th anniversary of Vernadsky's birth

An installation presented in Antarctic for the 160th anniversary of Vernadsky's birth

A large-scale art installation “Home. Memories” appeared for the first time at Akademik Vernadsky station. This is a creative reinterpretation of an old British tank, around which the outlines of a native Ukrainian house are created from metal.

Such an incredible project was developed before the large-scale war by the architects of balbek bureau, and it was carried out by specialists of the research and design bureau “Workshop of Miracles” supported by “Silpo”.

In the spring of 2022, the icebreaker “Noosfera” delivered all structures of the hut to the station, but the implementation of the idea had to be postponed because of the war.

Already this year, architect Slava Balbek and designer Mitya Zinoviev reached the station at their own expense and assembled the art installation themselves.

Around the house there are information boards with interesting facts about Ukraine and even artifacts in epoxy resin: coal from the Donbass, carved patterns, Petrykivka painting, a sprig of spruce, an ear of wheat, etc.

Today, on the 160th anniversary of the birth of Volodymyr Vernadsky, the President of Ukraine Volodymyr Zelenskyy presented the polar explorers with another information plaque – in fact, about the outstanding Ukrainian scientist, in whose honor our station is named. The team of the 28th UAE, which will soon go to Antarctica for a year, will take this board with them and solemnly attach it.

The installation will help our polar explorers to better represent Ukraine to people from all over the world, because before the large-scale war, many foreigners learned about the existence of our country during their visit to Vernadsky station. Now the whole world is talking about Ukraine, but it is important for people to know that Ukraine is not only a territory suffering from war and fiercely resisting the aggressor, but also a large, beautiful country rich in traditions.

Thanks to all the participants of the project for its excellent implementation. We are sure that soon another board will appear on the house – with the date of our Victory.

Photo – balbek bureau and NASC