27<sup>th</sup> UAE returned home

27th UAE returned home

The 27th Ukrainian Antarctic Expedition returned home: winterers arrived from Warsaw to Kyiv today, May 5, 2023.

In total, their journey from Antarctica to Ukraine lasted almost a month. On April 7, the team left Akademik Vernadsky station for the Republic of South Africa on our research vessel Noosfera. The ship arrived at the port of Cape Town on April 29, and from there the 27th UAE reached Kyiv by plane and land transport.

“This was the first expedition that we sent to Akademik Vernadsky station during a full-scale war – they had to leave literally a week after the start of the invasion to replace colleagues from the 26th UAE. Some people miraculously managed to leave Kharkiv, Kyiv region and other regions where hostilities were taking place. But the team got together, got to Antarctica and worked perfectly for a year. All tasks were completed by the expedition in full at a high level. And today we welcome them home,” – said Evgen Dykyi, the Director of the National Antarctic Scientific Center.

We remind you that during the year the 27th UAE carried out at Vernadsky research and observations in three main areas: geophysics, biology, meteorology, and also ensured the operation of the station.

Members of the seasonal expedition, who worked throughout the Antarctic summer, returned to Ukraine together with winterers. This is, in particular, a team of technical specialists who performed urgent work on the modernization of the station.

“Before, we always met our expeditions very solemnly – with the participation of distinguished guests and the media. In the conditions of a great war, unfortunately, the winterers do not return publicly to the office of the National Antarctic Scientific Center, which was crushed by a Russian missile and has not yet been fully restored. But we are convinced that very soon the time will come when we will all meet them together in our native Boryspil airport, and the RV Noosfera – in the port of Odesa. We thank our defenders, among whom there are now 15 polar explorers, for bringing this time closer,” – said the NASC Director.

Currently, the 28th UAE, which will carry out its Antarctic mission in the coming year, has started work at Akademik Vernadsky station.


Photo: Alex Zakletsky