UAE members appealed to all Ukrainians, the polar community and Russian scientists in connection with the attack of Russian Federation on Ukraine

UAE members appealed to all Ukrainians, the polar community and Russian scientists in connection with the attack of Russian Federation on Ukraine

Ukrainian polar explorers currently working at Ukrainian Antarctic Akademik Vernadsky station have prepared a number of appeals in connection with Russia’s military invasion of Ukraine.

Right before the attack, they sent letters to the polar community – to all Antarctic stations.

“ Here in Antarctica, all countries abide by the international agreements under the Antarctic Treaty and respect international law and peaceful coexistence.

Unfortunately, such peaceful good-neighborly relations are not present on all continents.

Contrary to all international agreements and security assurances, our country has been experiencing a hybrid war for 8 years, and part of its territory is occupied. As you know, in a few days the Russian Federation decided to use its army on our land. Because of the actions of the aggressor in the near future, this military conflict may acquire a global dimension, which will be felt by the whole world.

We are grateful to all the states that provide us with help and support in this difficult time, and we call on the polar community not to stand aside and support Ukraine, its territorial integrity and sovereignty,” stated the letter.

The other day, our polar explorers also recorded a video message to all of Ukraine. They noted that they were born and live in very different parts of our country – from Kyiv to Yevpatoria, from Kharkiv to Stryi.

“ The war caught us far from home, on the most remote border of Ukraine, where our native blue and yellow flags are flying. Like all Ukrainians around the world, our hearts are full of pain of what is happening in our homeland. Our cities and villages are being bombarded, people are dying. Unfortunately, so far we have not been able to join the military, territorial defense ranks and volunteers. But like all of you, we are doing everything in our power, helping our state financially and providing information support,” the Ukrainian polar explorers noted.

They also expressed their respect and gratitude to all those who defend Ukraine.

“ It’s all because of you that our loved ones have protection, and we are confident that we will return home and build our common future together with you. The enemy will not be able to break us. Defeat and eternal disgrace await the Russian invaders. And Ukraine is supported by the whole world at this crucial historical moment. We will definitely win!” stated members of the Ukrainian Antarctic Expedition.

The polar explorers also made a separate message to Russian scientists.

“On February 24, Russian troops treacherously invaded Ukraine. Our peaceful towns and villages are being subjected to artillery strikes and bombing. Now there is not a single region of our country where the war did not come”, – said Ukrainian Antarctic researchers.

They noted that thousands civilian lives, including children, were lost; homes, children’s and medical institutions as well as urban infrastructure were destroyed.

“Just think: our friends, our families, our fellow scientists – all have taken up arms and are defending their homes from Russian invaders. Our military side by side defend our Motherland.
Nobody is waiting for your troops in Ukraine, and we do not need to release anyone from us. The Russian invasion has united our entire society, regardless of nationality and language we speak”, – the polar explorers emphasized.

They called on their Russian colleagues to publicly express their civil position: “Do everything in your power to stop the war started by your leadership. Come out to protest, stand by, stop your children so that they do not become murderers and fall ingloriously in a foreign country. This is your last chance to stop the war in Ukraine”.

We believe in Ukraine and each of its defenders! We will win! Together we are strong!