The first design competition "Ukrainian face of Antarctica – the beginning" has started

The first design competition "Ukrainian face of Antarctica – the beginning" has started

Today, June 21, 2021, to celebrate Midwinter – the main holiday of polar explorers, the NASC together with experts from the Ukrainian Design Development Agency “Property Design” is launching a new competition “Ukrainian face of Antarctica – the beginning”.

Akademik Vernadsky station is often called the southernmost outpost of Ukraine.
Tourists, of whom there were up to 4,000 a year at the station in pre-trial times, often learned about the existence of a country like Ukraine for the first time here. For some tourists (in pre-COVID times there were up to 4 thousand visitors per year at the station) often it was here that they first learned about the existence of such a country as Ukraine.

And so the idea arose to promote Ukraine…. through a creative reconstruction of the exterior of one of the station buildings. Every country in the modern transparent world involves representatives of various industries and spheres to achieve innovative, effective results. So in this competition we hope to use the power and benefits of design as a tool of modern communication.

We are looking for a creative solution on how to change the appearance of the former fuel tank, which, due to its location, falls on most of the photos that remain in memory from the trip to Antarctica, and turn it into a modern architectural art object. It should not spoil the fantastic Antarctic landscapes, but on the contrary – become one of the decorations of Vernadsky station.

We invite everyone – architects, designers, graphic artists, illustrators, artists who are citizens of Ukraine, to send us your vision of the updated design of this construction and through it stories about our wonderful country. The best project will be implemented, and 20 best participants will receive honorary diplomas and incentive polar gifts.