A year of work in Antarctica is behind: members of the 25th UAE are finally in Ukraine!

A year of work in Antarctica is behind: members of the 25th UAE are finally in Ukraine!

After a year of work at Akademik Vernadsky station, the 25th Ukrainian Antarctic Expedition got home. The team arrived at Boryspil Airport today, April 19, 2021. Along with them came a seasonal expedition, the participants of which have been working at the station for about two months.

The journey of polar explorers began on April 19. First, they crossed by the ship the Drake Passage, which was not favorable this time, reached Punta Arenas and from there flew home with two connecting flights in Santiago and Paris. Tears of joy, hugs and champagne – this is how our polar explorers were greeted in Boryspil by their relatives, friends and colleagues.

“It is worth noting that Chile is now on lockdown, the country is closed for entry and exit. That is why we are very grateful to Ukrainian diplomats, first of all to Vitalii Tsymbaliuk, Charge d’Affairs of Ukraine in the Republic of Chile, who helped our polar explorers return home quickly” – said Evgen Dykyi, Director of the National Antarctic Scientific Center.

The wintering members of the 25th UAE carried out geophysical, meteorological and biological research, made daily continuous measurements, and maintained the operation of the station, carried out feasible repairs. With the arrival of the seasonal team, the work on modernization was significantly intensified, in particular, the foundation was poured and a new powerful crane was installed, the heating system was replaced, the antenna for unlimited internet access was installed, etc. The seasonal team has also included scientists who worked on separate research programs.

We will tell you more about the results of work in each direction in the following posts. Moreover, we are planning an online conference devoted to the 25th UAE for media representatives.

In the meantime, congratulations to our conquerors of Antarctica at home! Warm up, admire the Ukrainian spring, eat homemade goodies with your loved ones and be sure to take care of yourself.

We remind you that at the end of March the 26th UAE left for Akademik Vernadsky station.  In mid-April they arrived to Antarctica and took the watch from their colleagues from the 25th UAE.

Photo by Yevheniia Zadorozhna