A well-known foreign scientist first submitted his article to the Ukrainian Antarctic Journal

A well-known foreign scientist first submitted his article to the Ukrainian Antarctic Journal

The scientific periodical of the National Antarctic Scientific Center – Ukrainian Antarctic Journal (UAJ) – for the first time published an article by the famous European scientist Roberto Bargagli. He is a professor at the University of Siena, one of the oldest universities in Italy, and specializes in environmental studies of the polar regions.

Mr. Bargagli’s article is entitled “Terrestrial Ecosystems of the Antarctic Peninsula and Their Response to Climate Change and Anthropogenic Impact”. What is it about?

As a result of rapid warming on the Antarctic Peninsula, glaciers are retreating, snow cover is decreasing, and the ice-free area is growing. This promotes the release of soils from under the ice, and then the development of plants on them.

At the same time, it is here, on the peninsula, that human activity (anthropogenic factor) intensified. People who work or visit the area may unwillingly introduce new species of living organisms or facilitate the transfer of certain isolated species to new areas.

That is, climate change very quickly and tangibly affects the living organisms inhabiting the Antarctic Peninsula (this is where our Akademik Vernadsky station is located). This factor, together with the impact of human activity, threatens the destruction of unique Antarctic ecosystems.

Roberto Bargagli reviews the latest research on the current and likely future response of life in Antarctica to environmental changes and direct anthropogenic impacts. The article also provides recommendations on how to minimize human impact on the unique Antarctic ecosystems.

It should be noted that international articles of this level increase the professional level of UAJ.
The last three issues of the journal, together with the above, will be submitted to Scopus international scientometric database to start monitoring the periodical. Preparations are also underway to submit the journal to Web of Science, another recognized international database.

We invite everyone to read the new issue of UAJ and submit articles to the next one!

Reference: the Ukrainian Antarctic Journal has been published since 2003 and is devoted to the study of polar and highland regions of the planet. Materials of scientific articles, short messages, reviews are accepted for publication.

UAJ publishes materials of fundamental and applied research, current scientific and technical developments related to the study of Antarctica, the Arctic and highland regions, in the following fields of science: geological, geographical, biological and physical and mathematical.

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The UAJ is published by the National Antarctic Scientific Center.