Iryna Kozeretska

Dr. Iryna Kozeretska, Deputy Director for the Scientific Work

Dr. Sci. – National Taras Shevchenko University of Kyiv, 2013   
Associated Professor – National Taras Shevchenko University of Kyiv, 2002.
Ph.D. in Genetics – Kyiv University, 2000.
M.Sc. in Biology – Kyiv State University, 1987.

Professional Career:  
2019-till now, Deputy Director for the Scientific Work National Antarctic Scientific Center of Ukraine;
2000−2019, Associated Professor; Dep. General and Medical Genetics, Taras Shevchenko University of Kyiv;
1994−2000, Assistant professor; Department of General and Molecular Genetics, National Taras Shevchenko University of Kyiv;
1987−1994, Researcher; Department of General and Molecular Genetics, Taras Shevchenko University of Kyiv.

 Fields of Activity:   Genetic diversity of the Antarctic biota; Biodiversity and structure of the Antarctic terrestrial ecosystems. Kozeretska’s Lab.

Practical Experience:

2001–2005. Investigator. – Comparative population and monitoring research on Gentoo penguins (Pygoscelis papua) in Antarctica. Grant INTAS-01-0517.

2005. Investigator. – The population structure of Gentoo penguins investigation. Grant N 04ДФО36-01. Project PI: Dr Volodymyr Bezrukov (National Taras Shevchenko University, Kyiv).

XI 2005 – II 2006. Investigator.- Antarctic, King George Island, XXX Polish Antarctic Expedition & X Ukrainian Antarctic Expedition.

2006-2008. Principal Investigator. – Studying Antarctic tundra dynamics in the course of progressive warming in the Antarctic Peninsula. Project within the ClicOPEN IPY programme. Programme PI: Dr. Doris Abele (Alfred Wegener Institute, Bremerhaven, Germany)

2008 (from 16-06 to 05-07) – USA,  researchr NATO project “Biological Impacts of Chronic Exposure to Low-dose Radiation”, University of South Carolina

2010 (from 05-05 to 31-08) USA, Fulbright Scholar Program, proposal “Transposable elements in Drosophila melanogaster natural populations of Ukraine: has Chernobyl incident consequences or not?” University of South Carolina

Publications and Patents:

The list of publications contains more then 80 papers, including: 4 books, 3 patent

Last  publications:

Kozeretska et al. (2021) Belgica antarctica (Diptera: Chironomidae): A natural model organism for extreme environments. Insect Science (Article in Press)

Rabokon et al. (2019) Intron length polymorphism of β-tubulin genes in Deschampsia antarctica É. Desv. across the western coast of the Antarctic Peninsula. Polar Science, 19, 151-154

Nuzhyna et al. (2019) Anatomical variations of Deschampsia antarctica É. Desv. Plants from distant Antarctic regions, in vitro culture, and in relations to Deschampsia caespitosa (L.) P. Beauv. Polish Polar Research, 40 (4), 361-383

Parnikoza et al. (2018) Spread of Antarctic vegetation by the kelp gull: comparison of two maritime Antarctic regions. Polar Biology 41(6): 1143–1155

Kaczmarek et al. (2018) Tardigrades from Larus dominicanus Lichtenstein, 1823 nests on the Argentine Islands (maritime Antarctic). Polar Biology 41(2): 283–301

Membership in professional associations:
German Society of Polar Research
Vavilov Society of Geneticists and Breeders of Ukraine,
Ukrainian biochemical society and Federation of European Biochemical Societies (FEBS)

Ukrainian (native speaker); English (intermediate); reading and understanding skills in several Slavonic languages (Byelorussian, Polish, Slovak, Bulgarian, etc.)