Andrii Fedchuk

Andrii Fedchuk Head of International Scientific & Technical Cooperation Department

Date of birth: Dec. 13, 1980


Since March, 2016: the Head of Scientific & Technical Information Department. Coordinates the interaction with the Antarctic Treaty System’s bodies and National Antarctic Programs as well. Appointed as a delegate from Ukraine at the annual Antarctic Treaty Consultative Meetings. Develops analytical materials for government authorities on issues related to Ukraine’s activities in Antarctica and its participation in the Antarctic Treaty System.

2011 – 2016: Leading scientist at National Antarctic Scientific Center, NASC (Ukrainian Antarctic Program). A contact person in Ukraine responsible for the development of Ukraine policy regarding visits by tourists to Vernadsky station, and implementation the Visitors Site Guidelines for Base F (Wordie House), the Historic Site and Monument No.62.

2006 – 2011: International Co-operation Department officer. Charge in developing, coordinating and realization international agreements on scientific/technical co-operation with foreign Antarctic operators.

March-April 2008 – a trainee at the Antarctic Treaty Secretariat (Buenos Aires, Argentina). Charge in proof-reading of the ATCM Recommendations and other ATS documents, as well as the preparation for the 31st Antarctic Treaty Consultative Meeting (June 2-13, Kyiv, Ukraine).

 Academic DEGREE
2007Candidate of Sciences (equivalent to PhD) in Human Geography at the National Taras Shevchenko University, Kyiv, Ukraine.
2003Master’s Degree in Human Geography, Management of International Tourism, Management in Education, Teaching; National Taras Shevchenko University, Ukraine.

Education Experience (teaching)
Assistant in Tourism Studies and Human Geography, National Taras Shevchenko University, Kyiv, Ukraine.

Professional Societies:
Full member of the Ukrainian Geographical Society of the National Academy of Sciences, Ukraine (since 2003).

 Research interests
Antarctic governance, environmental and and multi-used areas management (both in small and large-scale).

National Antarctic Scientific Center,
Ministry of Education and Science of Ukraine
Tarasa Shevchenka blvd., 16
01601 Kiev, Ukraine
Tel/fax: +38 044 246 38 80

List of relevant recent publications

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