The Ukrainian flag was hoisted over RRS James Clark Ross

The Ukrainian flag was hoisted over RRS James Clark Ross

A blue and yellow flag has been hoisted over the flagship of the Ukrainian research fleet – the former British icebreaker RRS James Clark Ross! This remarkable event took place today, August 30, 2021, in the port of Frederikshavn (Denmark), where the ship is currently located.

The Ukrainian flag was raised by the director of the National Antarctic Scientific Center Evgen Dykyi together with British Captain Simon Welles and Ukrainian captain Oleg Novosilny. The NASC pennant was also raised above the icebreaker.

Now, after the re-issuing of a number of documents for the new owner – Ukraine, the research vessel will be able to go to Odesa.

“We are incredibly proud that our national flag is now flying over the legendary British icebreaker. For the first time since independence, the Ukrainian scientific fleet is being replenished with a new vessel. I believe that this is the beginning of the return of Ukrainian science to the World Ocean, ” said Evgen Dykyi.

NASC is sincerely grateful to the Embassy of Ukraine in the Kingdom of Denmark for the assistance and prompt issuance of the Certificate of navigation under the national flag of Ukraine.

We remind you that on August 19, 2021 NASC and British Research and Innovation Institution (part of which is the British Antarctic Survey) signed an act on the purchase of the ice-capable ship RRS James Clark Ross by Ukraine.

Own oceanographic icebreaker will allow Ukraine:
✅ after a long break, to get back to large-scale research in the World Ocean;
✅ to solve logistical problems at the Antarctic Akademik Vernadsky station and expand the possibilities of seasonal expeditions;
✅ create research and logistics consortia with other countries;
✅ to conduct research not only in Antarctica, but also in the Arctic, and, if necessary, in other regions of the ocean.

From August 21 to 29, everyone could offer their version of the future name of the Ukrainian ship. The selected options will be informed later.